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Shareholder disputes can be devastating. Most business owners know, intuitively, that these issues should be addressed. But how?

Most owner conflicts stem from differences in the values, needs and goals of the owners. When this occurs, there are fundamental business and owner issues that need to be resolved.

CJT Company leads a process of conflict resolution that meets these issues head-on and in a way that avoids litigation. It is called the Owners' Plan Solution (OPS).

OPS is a process where the owners work on developing an owners' plan together. An owners' plan is a document that integrates the values, needs and goals of all the owners so that they can continue working together or plan an amicable separation.

OPS is distinctive.

Only the owners and the facilitator are in the room. This means that the owners take responsibility for and have control of the outcome. Attorneys have an active role, but are not in the room.

It is project based. This means that the owners work on a project together.

The goal is either a plan to stay together or a plan for an amicable separation without litigation. Success is when one of the two goals is met.

It focuses on root issues of the conflict. This means that the root conflicts can be resolved.

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