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In The Balance Point: New Ways Business Owners Can Use Boards, Cary and co-author Larry Hause offer business owners a new perspective on the responsibilities of ownership and new ways for owners to use boards. It gives business owners proven methods for managing the many challenges that come with transition, thereby easing fears and providing peace of mind. The book also provides assistance and insight to addressing the unique challenges of transitioning family businesses. This book is ideally suited to owners tackling difficult issues and who want to create an atmosphere of collaboration between themselves, directors and managers.

The Balance Point offers a step-by-step approach to successfully handling the most significant transitions:

  • when entrepreneurs want to change how they are involved in the business
  • when there are multiple owners
  • when owners and managers are different people
  • when an individual owner want to sell or pass on their shares

The Balance Point features clear and practical guidance for:

  • Entrepreneurs wanting more time to do what they want while others run the core business
  • Non-owners who work for entrepreneurs
  • Minority owners questioning how companies will continue after the departure of their entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to sell the business or their shares
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to pass their business on to family members, managers or employees
  • Next-generation members wanting to hasten the process of taking on responsibility for the business
  • Family members who are owners but not employees of the company
  • Spouses of any of the above

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